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Xen qabbalah Wiki

The supreme God is the creator of all of existance(infinite multyvers). The infinite multyvers is made out of Gods consciousness(xen energy) in the form of his polygon the infinite tetrahedron grid/infinitum which is based on the Tetragrammaton.

God goes to infinity inside keter(singularity/psychic dimension).


Our galaxy was created by a single Logos and our sun is a sub-Logos of that Logos. A sub-Logos individualizes or differentiates the natural laws set up by its Logos. It also refines the cosmic mind into its specific archetypical mind, informed by the experience of earlier sub-Logoi. Humans are an example of sub-sub-Logoi.

It is sort of a hierarchy from Creator to Logos on down to you but kind of like the soul is the same soul(consciousness) but subdivided. Thus, we are one.

Logos Hierarchy

  • Creator/God (of the universe)
  • Logos (Galaxy)
  • Sub-Logos (Solar System) 
  • "Sub-sub-logos" (Sun)
  • Planet -> You.

The One Infinite Creator/God

The Law of One states that there is only one, and that one is the Infinite Creator, which Ra also calls “Infinite Intelligence” and “Intelligent Infinity.” It is impossible to describe the “one undifferentiated intelligent infinity, unpolarized, full and whole” but It can be activated or potentiated. Each portion of the creation contains, paradoxically, the whole.(All of existance(infinite multyvers) is made out of Gods consciousness(energy/Unified Field/God source))

You and everything are a vibrational extension of the universal source energy.

The Creator

Gone by many names (such as Lord, Him, The One Above All, etc.), the Creator is an immortal omnipotent being who is all powerful. Some describe the Creator as a man while others a being of light. There is one thing everyone can agree on- it is next to impossible to prove if He has limits or if He does that He limits himself or not.

The Creator has said to have off spring, syblings, His divine creations as helpers, and even parents somehow (typically a "Titan" or two), but in any case most would agree that the Creator has a sinister counterpart who punishes the wicked while still being rebellious to the Creator for.not accepting their ideas know how life truly should be. This being is typically dubbed the "Devil". Contrary to Popular Belief, as explained previously the Devil isn't evil per say, but rather has a different outlook than the Creator when it comes to life and humanity.