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Whilst doing research into the Kathara grid I came across the website evolutionary ascension which talked about the inner and outer creation of the Kathara grid and how the outer creation of the Kathara grid is the Cubistic matrix and is made up of Metatrons cubes and whilst doing research into the Cubistic matrix I came across the Revelatorium which im assuming is the source of the evolutionary ascension website since the Revelatorium has alot of information about the outer creation of the tree of life(Kathara grid) being the Cubistic matrix.

The Revelatorium: Cubistic matrix Kathara grid


Cubit figure

Cubits have been around in most things spiritual since near the beginning of the Old Testament. A cubit is traditionally defined as six lengths. For over 2000 years pundits have argued about the size of the length. They've been asking the wrong question. A cubit isn't a 'howlongisit', it is a 'whatisit'.

A cubit is the simplest depiction of the three basic elements of Creation as they reflect in consciousness. The elements are Intelligence, Energy, and Substance. The depiction is geometric. Geometrically the elements are represented respectively by a circle, straight lines, and a cube. The geometry of a cubit is very easy to render two dimensionally.

Using its radius, any circle can be divided into six equal segments around its circumference to form a hexagon. I.e., six lengths. (Fig 1). If a semi transparent cube were tipped forward towards you at the leading corner, the more forward it tips the more the outline of the cube begins to take on the outline of a hexagon. (Fig. 2).

The top forward corner can be tipped down until it lines up perfectly with the bottom corner at the back, which would have risen up by the same amount in the tipping. Similarly the cube can be rotated clockwise or counterclockwise so that the forward and back edges line up perfectly vertical.

Looking straight through at eye level, you will see that were such an aligned cube to be flattened into two dimensions its outer edges would now perfectly transcribe the outline of a hexagram. (Fig. 3). The structure of a cube is therefore implied within the six equal lengths of any hexagram.

Cubit figure 2

In the flattened cube, the original forward vertical edge of the cube and two top forward edges now create a Y factor centered perfectly in the center of the formation. Similarly the back vertical edge and two bottom back edges now create an inverted Y factor. The centers of the two Ys are at the exact center of the hexagram, i.e., comprising the two superimposed front and back corners of the cube. The upright Y factor when the three arms are of equal length, serves the purpose of locking in the proper right/left (or horizontal) orientation of the cube. The inverted Y factor when the three arms are of equal length serves the purpose of locking in the proper up/down (or vertical) orientation of the cube. The two Y factors together serve to lock the cube into this one and only possible hexagramic orientation with unequivocal certainty. From the center point of the cube a circle of any radius shorter than the Y factor arms can be drawn. (Fig. 4).

From each respective set of cross corners of the cube, lines can be drawn which are also at right angles to the Y factors to form a six pointed star. When the circumference of the circle is such that it falls exactly upon the intersections of the arms, the six intersections of the arms define the one and only possible points within the depiction where the relative size of the cube and a relative size of the circle can be tied together to suite a rule of absolute conformity within the confines of the hexagon. 'From out of the darkness came the light'. (Fig. 5).

Finally, through the intersections of the star, lines can be drawn which are perpendicular to the respective joined arms of the Y factors at the midpoint, also ending perpendicular to the respective sides of the cube. The new radials are at the one and same moment perpendicular to the cube, the sphere, and the Y factors at the center. (Fig. 6).

The resulting realization is called a cubit, whose components are interred by exact order of rule. Within its rule the cubit holds the basic laws of Creation, whether of an individual in a projection, the parts of an atom, or the whole of Creation. The circle portion of the cubit represents Intelligence, the Y factor Energy, and the cube Substance. The order rule is a basic Absolute of Creation.

The cubit itself can be found component in more complex cubistic structures. Cubitistic structures are the blueprints of consciousness. Since there is ought existent which was not first from consciousness, cubits are thus also part and parcel of the blueprints of Creation.

The upright Y factor represents the energy action of the Only Begotten Son. The inverted Y factor represents the energy action of the Only Begotten Daughter. The two act as one, as radial lines of Energy emanating from the center point.

The expression of the Only Begotten Son/Daughter is known in consciousness as Christ. The consciousness in expression reflects the total equality of Intelligence and Substance projected through Energy at ninety degrees as a six pointed Star. The star is known as the 'Star of David'. The Star of David is everyone's Christ Conscious Co-Creative capacity. Though the cubit structure everyone is Co-creative to the Creation for the Creators.

The cubit is therefore the basic equation of Creation in all its permutations. Manifesting no different in principle through all thirteen dimensions under the Creators as it does within the Creators themselves who are the dimensions above. The rules of the cubit are the same whether depicting an entire Super Universe, the inter dimensional workings between the dimensions, the elementary particles of an atom, or the inner dimensional goings on in all consciousnesses as living beings.

Where there is consciousness there is life. Where there is life there is consciousness. The cubit holds within its caprices all the rules for life. Creation is blueprinted by cubistic matrixes. Creation is alive because the Creators are alive.

The horizontal line across the middle of the cubit is called the rod. The vertical bar up the middle is called the staff. 'Thy rod and thy staff they shall comfort me'. The vertical staff, taken with the adjacent rods on either side, and the horizontal rod taken with the adjacent staffs on either side, form what is called your Cross of Power in the center of the cubit. The Cross of Power is open at the ends to show energy moving through.

Through the staff component, energy runs vertically through your body in both directions. The energy is inducted through your head and passed into the Earth through your feet. Similarly, returning energy from the Earth comes in through your feet and passes out above through your head. The downward flowing energies pass through your lower consciousness matrix into the Earth for cleansing of static. The returning energies pass through your upper consciousness matrix and is given back up to the Creators for their glorification. Those whose upward flow is abundant have a halo of light around their head.

Similarly, energy flows through the rod. The flow is simultaneously fore and aft though your midriff from your midpoint in a forward direction. The energy moving fore is both from energies moving downward and out though your midriff, and from aft flowing forward from others around. If your consciousness is harmonious with the Creators the energy will comprise harmonious frequencies released into the environment for the common good. Similarly, your consciousness will also translate the lesser frequencies of others which are passing through from the aft. Others, including animals, will feel the goodness for considerable distance around.

If your consciousness is not harmonious, some of the downward moving energies will move outward through your rod in the fore direction. Some of your upward moving energies will similarly move outward through your rod to the aft. Because your consciousness is not working properly, both outputs will be imposed with static. Others, including animals, will feel the static for considerable distance around.

The arms of the two Y factors join end to end at the center to form an X. The formed X is called the X factor. The two horizontal lines of the Star of David and the upward slopping bar of the X factor running left to right, exist combined as a Z factor. Similarly the two horizontal and the downward slopping bar of the X factor running left to right exist as an inverted Z factor. The X, Y, and Z factors are energy principles of life. The X and Y factors appear in the X and Y Female and Male chromosomes of all living organisms, Man included. The Z and inverted Z factors are relevant to one's fifth and seventh dimensional expressions.

A cubit thus represents the Reality of Being in all its elements and in all its comprisements. The cubistic measurements of Solomon's temple were not of rocks and mortar but for the state of consciousness to become therein.

In fig. 6, one of the triangles in the Star of David is flat across the bottom, the other is flat across the top. The triangle which is flat at the top is called the 'upper' triangle. The other is called the 'lower' triangle. The lower triangle ties to the things of the Earth in consciousness. The upper triangle ties to the things of Heaven.

The Holy Grail induction center receives higher dimensional life frequencies called Manna from Heaven. 'Whosoever drinks from the Holy Grail shall have everlasting life', symbolized by Christ to his disciples two thousand years ago at the Last Supper.

Seven Days of Creation

The Old Testament name for God was Jehovah and Yahweh, Father and Mother. The New Testament name is Alpha and Omega. Similarly, religious precept has the Holy Trinity as Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. The Holy Trinity is Father, Son/Daughter, Mother. 'As above so below'.

In the first dimension above Creation, Alpha, our Father, is a vast sphere of pure Intelligence. Omega, our Mother, is a vast cube of pure Substance. The Only Begotten Son/Daughter is a vast Y factor of pure energy within the cube and sphere. The Son/Daughter aspect within the Cube and Sphere is the one and only begottment of the vast energy potential of the vast absolute equality existing between the Father and the Mother.

The Y factor holds the Intelligence of the Father and Substance of the Mother together in the absolute equalization of their potentials. The Mother holds the Father in her bosom. The electromagnetic equivalents of Alpha and Omega are Intelligence - red, Energy - blue, and Substance - yellow. Intelligence is projective in nature, called 'positive'. Substance is receptive in nature, called 'negative'.

The Cube and Sphere of Alpha and Omega is the largest atom in Creation. Around Alpha and Omega at the heart and center of Creation are Seven Master Spirits of Creation. Around the Seven Master Spirits of Creation is the Island of Paradise. An inner Universe surrounds the Island of Paradise. An outer Universe surrounds the Inner Creation.

The outer Creation comprises seven great Super Universes. The current outer Creation of Seven Super universes was projected through the Will of the Father and expression of the Son in order that the Desire of the Mother and expression of the Daughter become known.

The Seven days of Creation are the seven possible permutations of Intelligence, Energy, and Substance. The days are also called dimensions. The dimensions are, 1. Intelligence, 2. Energy, 3. Substance, 4. Energy/Substance (expansion), 5. Intelligence/Substance (perfection), 6. Intelligence/Energy (creation), and 7. Intelligence/Energy/Substance (completion, pure Triune being, the day of rest).

Each of the Super Universes reflects one of the Seven Days of Creation as its attribute. Each Super Universe is fully triune but biased on the side of its particular attribute. For example the first Super Universe is biased on the side of Intelligence. The seventh Super Universe is biased on the side of Triune. We are in the Seventh Super Universe.

The character of the fourth dimension is expansion, where all of the aspects of all of the seven days are represented. There are therefore seven octaves, or energy transitions of the fourth dimension. Each of the seven dimensions is also represented within each of the seven octaves as levels. Therefore there are seven times seven equals forty nine energy levels or astral states of the fourth dimension. The United States of America has forty eight states plus the one at the top. Hawaii was a misanthrope.

To be harmonious with Creation, your consciousness must be clear through all forty nine states of the astral planes. The forty ninth level is Triune Triune, being the state of completion. Your higher factors of consciousness begin on the twenty third level, 'The Lord is my shepherd'. Transfiguration occurs on the thirty third level. At age thirty three, Jesus transfigured on the mount into a strengthened exemplification of his embodiment.

When you form a new lower dimensional outer projection, called an incarnation, the cubistic matrix surrounding your Soul Atom expands out in greater and greater expandments along the magnetic lines of your Soul Atom. And is your inner consciousness.

The matrix will be determined according to the astrophysical family of Creation to which you belong. Plus your Celestial heritage of Descendancy ( if a Descendant being), or level of Ascendancy (if an Ascendant being). Plus similar corresponding responsibilities. Also included are the lesser conditions of your previous incarnations brought through into your new re-incarnation by responsibility for translation if any. Plus any other such frequencies as your may be called upon to work with for the greater good in your current incarnation. A second cubistic matrix overlays the first at ninety degrees, and is your outer consciousness.

After conception, materialization begins in the womb by substance attraction along the magnetic lines set up by your Soul Atom after it has entered the womb. The materialization determines your outer consciousness matrix according to the time of conception, plus frequencies of your parents, plus exact time of birth, plus the current environment factors.

Plus any other conditions which may be within the atomic material attracted, and any other similar influences relating to the outer level. Any lesser frequencies which you may be carrying over from previous incarnations to be translated in the current incarnation are likewise transferred down into your lower matrix from your upper. On Earth, because incarnations take place into the rudeness of the third dimension, at birth your two matrixes are usually not very much aligned. Without thought a baby cries out for food or discomfort yet those around can feel its Divinity.

As you grow, your upper triangle moves into more and more attunement with your upper matrix and is the means through which your inner action guides your outer activities as you mature.

Your inner Soul Atom is also called your Soul or greater Soul. Your inner consciousness matrix of itself is called your Divine Self. Your outer consciousness matrix of itself is called your ID. Your inner and outer consciousness matrixes together are called your ego. Your ego is also called your lesser soul.

By the time you are an adult, because of the circumstances of your upbringing, your inner and outer consciousnesses can be very much aligned or not very close. Those of you who are more centered in your inner consciousness matrix are called Humanitarian. Those of you who are more centered within your outer consciousness matrix are said to be egotistic. Those of you who are mostly centered in your outer consciousness matrix are called despotic. Those of you who are completely centered within your inner consciousness matrix are called Christed.

The extension of your matrixes around you can be seen by the higher sense awareness of others as your auric field. The auric field of a true Humanitarian is mainly static free. The auric field of a despot is full of static. Once your outer consciousness matrix has become aligned to the polarities of your inner as to become harmonious to the Creators, you are transfigured.

The ten basic frequencies of the aura are: White - endeavor to spiritually perfect 'man/body/mind/soul', Yellow - protect 'man/body/mind/soul', Orange - serve 'man/body/mind/soul', Red - strengthen 'man/body/mind/soul', Violet - understand and teach 'man/body/mind/soul', Blue - you are of Christ 'man/body/mind/soul' nature of being, Green - be at peace with 'man/body/mind/soul', Brown - comfort 'man/body/mind/soul', Gray - do not afflict 'man/body/mind/soul', Black - do not destroy 'man/body/mind/soul'.

You have five outer senses and one hundred and five inner senses. Ordinary light is visible through the ordinary senses, auric light is visible through the higher senses. Both lights re-appear together in narrow bands at higher and higher frequencies like do musical notes.

Within Creation, societal materializations only occur within the narrow bands of visible light. The octaves of visibility in which materializations occur are the third dimension, fifth dimension, seventh dimension, ninth dimension, eleventh dimension, and thirteenth dimension.

  • Fifth and seventh dimensional materializations are the mainstay of the Outer Creation
  • Ninth and eleventh dimensional manifestations are the mainstay of the Inner Creation

The Island of Paradise is the thirteenth dimension. Paradise surrounds the heart and center of Creation Alpha and Omega, who are the fourteenth dimension and dimensions above.

The thirteenth states of consciousness relating to the thirteen dimensions under the Creators are: 1. Intelligence, 2. Energy, 3. Substance, 4. Expansion, 5. Perfection, 6. Creation, 7. Completion, 8. Harmony, 9. Balance, 10. Progression, 11. Wisdom, 12. Fulfillment, 13. Understanding.

The five states of consciousness of Alpha and Omega in the five dimensions above Creation are: 14. Cube and Sphere of Alpha and Omega, 15, Trinity Being of Alpha and Omega, 16, Mutual Beings of Alpha and of Omega, 17, Independent Beings of Alpha and of Omega, 18. Silent Being.

The eleventh state of consciousness is full Triune state Knowing of the Creators. The thirteenth state of consciousness is full Triune state Knowing with the Creators.

The Expanding Creation

Cubit figure 3

The mystery of life is not a mystery. Where upon exists a cubistic matrix, thereupon exists life in all its glory. 

The Father and Mother, Alpha and Omega, always were. The Only Begotten Son/Daughter was begat.

Before there was light, the Father and the Mother discovered a third conscious aspect of themselves deep within their absolute equality. And came to understand that within that third aspect lay a way to expand themselves without limit. And saw that within that understanding the aspect could be brought forward into actuality as the means to realize that expansion. And in a consummate acceptance of their understanding between them was begat out of latency the third factor of their beingness, Energy.

Cubit figure 4

Begotten Energy, called their One and Only Begotten Son/Daughter is all that ever was begat. The Only Begotten Son/Daughter is the complete consummation of their total Co-Creative capacity and is the third consciousness of their Trinity. Through the expansion factor of the Only Begotten Son/Daughter does Creation exist.

Expansion is possible because Energy radiates freely out the rods and staffs. (Fig. 7).

Given that the cubit is a hexagram, it is compelling to think of expansion in terms of a honeycomb in that six equal cubes around an original is seven. However it does not work that way, Energy would not be able to radiate out the staffs. (Fig. 8).

In any cubit, the Cube of Substance, Energy Y factors, and Star of David all relate to each other at sixty degrees or ninety degree angles. In particular the staffs and the rods of the Energy Y Factor relate to Intelligence and Substance at sixty degree angles and ninety degree angles. Plus they relate at sixty and ninety degree angles to each other. By thus the free radiation off the rods and staffs is made possible. (Fig. 9).

As in the depiction of the Cube and Sphere of Alpha and Omega, the cube is yellow for Substance, the circle is red for Intelligence, and the Y factor is blue for Energy. The Star of David is white by convention. The Star shows the points where the absolute equality between the potentials of Alpha and Omega are duly met.

The blue lines of Energy are the projecting outer action of the Only Begotten Son/Daughter, and is called their 'Radiant light'. The white lines of Energy are the projecting inner action of the Only Begotten Son/Daughter and is called their 'Christ light'. Radiant light and Christ light together are their 'Radionnic' Light. Man refers to 'Radionnic' light as 'Spiritual light'.

Cubit figure 5

Ordinary visible light is called 'radiating' light, and ties to Substance as electromagnetic matter substance. Auric light is a factor of Radionnic light. The emanations of both radiant light and of radionnic light are also called radiations.

How the Energy factor acts to expand Creation is easy to depict through the cubits. To begin, at each of the intersections of the rods and the cube, a circle is projected using a half rod as radius. (Fig. 10). Between each respective pair of the newly made intersections between the radiating rods and the new circles, new respective arms of the Star of David are projected. (Fig. 11).

Cubit figure 6

At the intersections of the new arms and the radiating staffs exists sufficient parameters for a newly expanded cube. (Fig. 12). Similarly in fig. 12, at the intersections of the new arms and radiating rods the parameters for a newly expanded circle of Intelligence exist. Similarly at the intersections of the new cube and radiating staffs, the parameters for newly expanded Y Factors exist. Finally through the expanded circle the rods can be expanded to meet the new cube. Therefore all the parameters for an expanded cubit exist.

Cubit figure 7

Together, the original cubit and the newly expanded cubit comprise a simple cubistic matrix. It is also possible to sub expand within the matrix. At each of the intersections of the original staff and cube within the matrix, (the six original corners of the cubit), a circle is projected using a half staff (the original cubit length) as radius. From each intersection between the radiating staffs and new circles, a new full radiation of staffs and rods can be projected. (Fig. 13).

Within these new intersections exist all the parameters needed to segment the expanded cubit into smaller cubes of Substance, smaller Stars of David, and smaller circles of Intelligence. Thus exists six around the seventh but harmoniously configured so that Energy still flows freely. (Fig. 14). 

Figure 14 is the basic Creative rule of seven frequencies locked together. Even as to suggest the seven different configurations of the Seven Great Super universes, starting with Intelligence at the twelve o'clock position, then Energy at the one o'clock position, and ending with the Triune in the middle. (Fig. 15).

It is important to note that the configuration of fig. 15 is not what the eye would actually see. Were the eye to look upon the seven Super Universes in place they would see it more like the petals of a daisy flower around the center. What cubits depict are the absolute relationships between the modalities, not actual photographic layouts, a complication of rendering higher dimensional realities into a two dimensional format.

The cubistic depiction of fig. 15 is only to show therefore how the frequencies of the Super Universes interconnect according to rule, not as a road map of space. The same is true for all cubistic depictions, they are as simplified blueprints only, not as ipso facto replicas. Within the cubistic of fig. 14, all of the parameters are also set for yet another re-expansion and re-matrixing within the new expansion. And yet again, and yet again, and yet again... (Fig. 16).

Cubit figure 8

Thus, however it may be configured, a cubistic structure can be re-expanded and/or re-matrixed up or down almost without limit, in ever expanding circles of life, light, love and liberty. 

Again it is important to remember when viewing these depictions, that any such depictions, including the original cubit, is of the simplest possible form and is used solely to exemplify a given principle or given principles, never to imply a completely existing matrix or configuration. Don't forget that the cube and sphere of Alpha and Omega is fourteenth dimensional.

Even a photon of light, among even the simplest of mélanges, which acts like a particle as a radiating wave, is matrixed through all seven dimensions and bears facts which can only begin to be shown within the simple two dimensional limitations of a depiction. (Fig. 17).

In particular, the center of any Star of David defines a hexagon rotated at ninety degrees. The hexagons can house another smaller cubit. And so on. Thus in principle smaller and smaller cubits can also be created down to all but a point at any location within a larger mélange. Because of the sixty and ninety degree nature of the cubit, mélanges of cubits of all sizes and locations can exist in commonality anywhere within a cubistic matrix. Which is very arbitrarily depicted by Fig. 18 and is created only to imply what the possibilities are and not to actually depict anything in actuality.

The more complex the matrix, the richer the mélanges. Any hexagon anywhere in a mélange could in a sense start a series of larger, or smaller, cubits nearly without limit within the scope of the present Creation.

The depiction fig. 16 could just as readily depict a progressive expansion around an original expanded cubit, or a matrix of expansions around one of the original matrixed segments, or a matrix of nestings within a matrixed segment. All of fig. 16 could easily be inside any of the parts of fig. 15. Similarly all of that could itself be in any of the parts of fig. 16. And so it goes. 

The point is that the mathematics is fractal. The fractal is universal. By the fractal, both the outer workings of the dimensions of Creation and the inner workings of the dimensions in consciousness are depicted in the same likeness for being of great similar rule in principle. The same type cubistic fractal serves to blueprint the inner workings of an atom as it does to frame the enormity of a Super Universe. The microcosm is a perfect mirror of the macrocosm. Six sided snowflakes reflect the fractal at the molecular level of ordinary matter substance. Six sided images of light in a camera lens reflect the fractal at the radiating levels of electromagnetic matter substance. The cubistic fractal also expresses Creation with the Creators at the Heart and Center. Intelligence, Energy, and Substance are the attribution, consciousness is the expressed result.

Cubit figure 9

Creation expands through the Will of the Father and Desire of the Mother. When Will and Desire are equally met, the Action is done because the Energy was Begotten. Together the Radiant light and Christ Conscious light of the Begotten Son/Daughter enable the total Co-Creative expression of the Will, Desire, and Action of the Creators to be manifested. Through cubistic matrixes, the interdimensional actions of Creation are projected. Through the same type of cubistic matrixes the innerdimensional actions of consciousness are upheld. The dimensions are not parallel, they are interactive. Every dimension is higher in frequency than the one below. In any given dimension one can easily see into the dimensions below, but not to the one above. You can readily look down on a two dimensional plane or a one dimensional line. But most are scarcely aware of the higher aspects of the fourth dimension even though you live within them.

The characteristics of the Outer Universe dimensions are easy to depict in cubistic rendering. In the following, the first three dimensions of, Intelligence, Energy, and Substance are assumed as given. The character of the fourth dimension is expansion. Its attribute is Energy/Substance. Intelligence is the diminished factor. (Fig. 19).

The fourth dimension comprises the substrata of Creation, the dimension which contains projected higher consciousness activity within it only under conditions of abnormality. The fourth dimension has seven octaves reflecting its characteristic, namely that of expansion. (Fig. 20). More properly fig. 20 should be drawn reflecting the seven overtones of fig. 15 in order to properly reflect the comparable frequencies of the seven octaves.

Since each of the seven frequencies contains each of the seven within it, a total of forty nine energy levels actually exists. Each level is higher in frequency than the one below. Were the whole of fig. 20 to be shown drawn within each of the seven segments individually, with the figures in each respective segment duly overtoned to reflect the overtone of each respective octave, all forty nine frequencies of the forty nine states of the astral planes comprising the fourth dimension would be thus depicted.

From fig. 20 it is also completely obvious that a completely stand alone third dimension which you are used to thinking is all that exists, in fact does not really exist at all. Rather, the third dimension is nothing more than the first twenty one astral states or levels of the astral planes. Namely the first three octaves, intelligence, energy, and substance. Three times seven equals twenty one. That you think there is a third dimension sticking out there all of itself is a miscreant of the outer world mentallized illusion.

You are currently time line constrained, and have come over time to recognize only the testimony of your five outer senses as validity. Which are attuned to only the first twenty one levels.

Cubit figure 10

Having mostly disavowed the other one hundred and five senses which are attuned to the remaining higher astral octaves, to you, the first twenty one astral levels have long since become to be considered the all of it. Having created all of their instrumentations to work within the limits of their perceptibility, Man's inter stellar searchings similarly fall far short of a true perspective, thus accounting for the illusionary off world conclusions of science.

For most people, the normal waking day state of consciousness is at the twenty eighth level, the beginning of the fifth octave which comprises the frequency counterparts of the fifth dimension in the fourth dimension. The thirty third state is the main stamp of the fifth dimensional frequency component upon the fourth dimension, the fifth level of the fifth octave.

Consequently thirty three is the level most in harmony with the frequencies of the fifth dimension. Therefore it is the frequency of transfiguration. The character of the fifth dimension is perfection. Its attribute is Intelligence/Substance. (Fig.21)

Cubit figure 11

The fifth dimension is the bottom line of Creation. It is the dimension where the Ascendancy begins their evolution, and the dimension where the Descendancy works at the lowest light. Through substance, the fourth and fifth dimension are tied perfectly together as a single unit. (Fig.22). When you look out at the cosmos with your telescopes, what you actually see is only the lowest frequencies of a full fourth/fifth dimensional expression. Like most of the fourth dimension, the fifth dimension is not visible to your lower five senses because the frequency is too high.

The Garden of Eden is Earth's fifth dimension. More specifically it is your own fifth dimensional body, collectively referred to as the Garden of Eden in reflection of the fifth dimensional perfection of the expression. When Man was cast out of the Garden they were in effect cast out of their own fifth dimensional bodies into subjugation into the lower matter substance dimensional bodies of the animal world. The lower bodies are considered by Man to be the strictly three dimensional totality of themselves because their reliance upon their lower senses forecloses it.

The reality is that even in your third dimensional subjected state, your body contain full fifth and seventh dimensional frequency capabilities. The characteristic of the sixth dimension is creative. Its attribute is Intelligence/Energy. (Fig. 23).

The sixth dimension represents a decided change between the collective togetherness of the fourth and fifth dimensions, and the stand alone distinction of the seventh dimension not yet depicted. (Fig. 24). The fifth and sixth dimensions are harmonized through Intelligence. The sixth dimension is the interphase between the evolutionary frequencies of the fifth dimension, and the completed Triune frequencies of the seventh.

Cubit figure 12

From the Creator Son/Daughters in the seventh dimension, the Creative intentions of the Creators are passed on down through the creative capacity of the sixth dimension into the board rooms of the fifth dimension as expansions to be undertaken by the respective interdimensional fifth dimensional administrators working there. In Man, creative motivation stems from the dimensional frequencies of the sixth within their matrix. If your creative activities are in full harmony with the Creative purposes of the Creators, it is directly through a six dimensional attunement to your seventh dimensional Triune Christ Atom in residence within your Pituitary. 

The character of the seventh dimension is completion, full Triune. Its attribute is Intelligence/Energy/Substance. (Fig. 25).

The sixth and seventh dimension are related through energy. The frequency bridge between the fifth and seventh dimensions is obvious by the tie through the sixth. Why there are levels of visible light materializations at the fifth and seventh dimensions are also clearly evident within the matrix by the enhanced presences of substance. The third/fourth, and fifth dimensions are tied together through substance. The fifth, sixth, and seventh dimensions are all tied together through intelligence. (Fig. 26).

Being of attribute Intelligence and of Substance, the fifth dimension is therefore the common denominator between the substance connectivity of the lower dimensions and the Intelligence connectivity of the higher. Being therefore the starting point for Co-Creation.

The six and seventh dimensions are Christ interactive frequencies. The third and fourth dimensions are substrata. Life in the universe at large begins at the fifth dimension and strives upward in frequency through guidance from the seventh.

Through the alignment of Intelligence, Co-Creative plans are passed from the seventh down into the fifth dimension through the sixth. Through the substance alliance of the fifth, it is passed down into the substrata for implementation if and when necessary, where the changes then take place accordingly to provide the scaffolding for yet more fifth dimensional evolutions to come.

Throughout the outer Universe, the structural laws of Energy are projected through the rods and staffs. The bond between Energy and Intelligence upholds the plans of Creation. The bond between Energy and Substance upholds the materializations.

The consciousness laws of Energy are projected through The Star of David. The bond between Energy and Intelligence upholds the individualized endowments of Creation. The bond between Energy and Substance upholds the fulfillments. The bond between the endowment laws of Energy and the consciousness laws of Energy upholds Creation's lifestream.

Cubit figure 13

Through their fifth dimensional reality attunement to the seventh, the Ascendancy aspires to be Triune. Cubistic expressions are expandable through the numbers six and seven but not through the number five.

The number six relates to the twenty four Families of Creation and one hundred and forty four facets of the throne. The number seven relates to the Seven Days of Creation and the thirteen plus one (Cube and Sphere) dimensions projected under the Father and Mother. The number five relates to perfection because it is a stand alone within the totality of Creation.

When Alpha and Omega are depicted at the center of a cubitistic matrix, an arbitrary depiction of the Creators at the Heart and Center of Creation is presented, which is not intended to be accurate in the depiction of the Inner Universe dimensions. (Fig.27).

Also depicted in fig. 27 is the eight dimension. Where crudely implied is the vast void existing between the inner Universe Creation surrounding the Creators and the beginnings of the vast outer Universe beyond. The characteristic of the eighth dimension is Harmony. The eighth dimension comprises the continuity between the seventh dimensional frequencies, and lower, of the Outer Universe Creation, and the ninth dimensional frequencies, and higher of the Inner.

When a Cube and Sphere is depicted at the center of fig. 26, an arbitrary depiction of a Creator Son/Daughter at the center of their Local Universe is presented. (Fig. 28). Also depicted in fig. 28, is a representation of your own higher Christ Triune Soul Atom within your pituitary gland as you walk about. 'In Our likeness and image made We them'.

Through your Intelligence, you are tied to the Seventh Dimension. Through your Substance you are tied to the fifth. Through your Christ Triune Soul Atom you are a living part of the Creators who has formed a projection.

Robert Grant: Constants and 24

The Mystery of the Constants

The Mathematical Constants

The Mathematical Constants

My latest work on the constants...The math behind the separation of light from darkness...and the separation and extraction of matter and energy from the vacuum...

First, it is amazing to me how consciousness expands when we ask the deeper questions...and the knowledge that comes always has an artistic quality...not something I have ever noticed before with mathematics...but then again, the universe is beautiful so math must also have a beautiful expression.

I started the above with a simple test using x/1 and 1/x symmetry.  What emerged is the following...1.6180339887... and .6180339887...this is the crossover point or center of the chart.

These numbers serve to “frame” the integer number 6 (the hexagon and esoterically significant).....the wave is separated at 3.1623/.31623 which happens to be exactly the average of Pi (3.1415926 and its 1/x equivalent .31830988) and likewise 10^0.5.  Here, like Phi at the center, the numbers converge and overlap at this nodal position.  The macro explanation of the illustration is as follows:

  1. Based on this research, numbers BOTH create and emerge from wave propagations of electromagnetism. This is very simple ‘doubling math’.....every circle creates two smaller circles in the form of a vesica pisces within it, and this pattern continues into infinity. This repeating (and balanced) pattern continues and transmutes into the reality we experience everyday through successive propagations and presumably higher energy amplitudes. 
  2. Out of the nodal points of geometrical overlaps (intersections) the mathematical and physical constants emerge (emanate) along the wave of numbers (incidentally the Periodic Wave of Elements also emerge in similar fashion).  This phenomenon manifests as crossover zones when oscillating between x/1 and 1/x representations. Electricity, magnetism, radiation and gravity thus result from these wave (and numerical) propagations.
  3. The image depicts many critical zones with differing references to Phi as well as the other fundamental constants (Phi (decimal), Phi (degrees), etc) as well as their quaternion and octonion counterparts (mirrored reflections and absorptions). The first of these separations occur at center on the conjunction of Phi and 1/Phi. This action is “framed” by Phi (1.618), Phi-1, 3^.5 (1.732), and Gamma (0.5772).
  4. Musical notes (including their associated polygons (2D) and polyhedra (3D) as well as those higher dimensional geometries) and are depicted in cycles per second (Hz), emerging from the conjunctions of intersection as a result of ‘overlapping’ waves.  
  5. Emanating outward from center, the next critical wave interference is appropriately framed by the Pi fractal (.14) and Euler fractal (.71) create light. Euler thus serves to shape the vacuum and growth of the wave propagation, with Pi forming the spirality of the wave; always working together with Euler to shape light and matter by framing the conditions surrounding matter and vacuum. From the continual interaction of these mathematical and physical constants related to radiation emerges light, matter, and energy; and out of gravity emanates time, mass and darkness (vacuum). Light begins it reflection/absorption from near the center of the wave at 5.184 (186 degrees (C))(which also just happens to be the slope angle of the Great Pyramid). The backdrop to this convergence is the blackness of the vacuum.  The western framing of vacuum happens at 6.8 (and 1.68 (Euler/Phi = Grant’s Constant governing the relationship of mass and time). The mirror reflection of light simultaneously is dark and the emergence of Time itself. Grant’s Constant determines time (periodicity) and is equivalent to energy/radiation. 
  6. The next outer framing is bounded by Phi in degrees 162 degrees and its mirror and 37 degrees which is Euler (2.71828 in 1/x calculation).  Each subsequent outer framing both converges and diverges simultaneously like concave and convex lens to concentrate and disperse energy to separate light from darkness...separating nothingness from matter propagating from center toward the outer edges of the chart. 
  7. The next major framing happens at integer number 9 and integer number 3.  At 9 and 3, the 1/Pi Constant emerges at the overlapping conjunction of 3.1623 and .31623. This mirror is created in the 1/x and x/1 merger ((averaging) of Pi: 3.1414826 and 3.18309886). This is also a simple “halving” of the wave on both sides of the Phi junction at center where light emerges and simultaneously gives form to matter.
Quaternion Symmetry of the Mathematical Constants

Quaternion Symmetry of the Mathematical Constants

All of the above matches beautifully with the icositetragon (24-sided polygon) and the positioning of the primes and twin primes that also serve to “frame” and “lock” the above interactions and its emergent phenomena further still.

Thus, we now know how the separation of light and dark is achieved mathematically emanating from a dynamic wave.  We also understand better how time emerges from this function combined with our observation as well as the likely hypothesis that at each halving of a wave another mirroring Constant (fractal) likewise become an inherent result of the convergence. 

Who would have thought that the most simple 1/x and x/1 analysis along with the language of light would combine to reveal the mystery of the constants into ONE unifying mathematical theory? There is yet more work to be done to further confirm and refine our identified patterns so stay tuned...indeed, from this work, one could say that all constants emerge from mirror reflections and wave emanations from the same ONENESS, which reflection is Phi and which absorption is Alpha.

Screenshot 20200203-140225

Screenshot from "(Light is Consciousness) Robert Edward Grant and Gabriel Lyrio 1h Podcast"

Constants, 24 and Prime number cross

Every circle creates two smaller circles in the form of a vesica pisces within it and this forms the doubling sequence since it fractals which we will talk more about later(Cubistic matrix, Torus, and the doubling sequence) and this as explained above forms the constants and it matches up with the positioning of primes and the icositetragon(24) which means this geometry forms the prime number cross(PNC) which is based on the number 24 and this geometry has 21 circles and when we double it to form the PNC it would have 42 circles!(If we triple it we get 63 which is close to 64 but it also forms a hexagon shape and we form a part of the infinite fractal fruit of life also since this geometry corresponds to the vibrational dimensions it corresponds to 144 sub-dimensions so 144+144+144=432)

24 outer circles of the flower of life forms a flower of life which encodes the fruit of life/metatrons cube/64 tetrahedron grid also these 24 circles correspond to the 24 repeating Fibonacci numbers which form metatrons cube but why would i mention these 24 outer circles well because it corresponds to the PNC because its based on the number 24 so when we overlay the geometry in the form of the PNC mentioned above over the flower of life it perfectly overlays over the flower of life!

Metatrons cube/flower of life which is the 64 tetrahedron grid is the cubistic matrix and the cubistic matrix can be formed out of two Kathara grids being merged to form a bigger one so 12+12=24 so 24 creates the cubistic matrix in the form of the Kathara grid this also forms the doubling sequence since there is two Kathara grids and the doubling sequence corresponds to the tetrahedron grid fractal and therefore the cubistic matrix.

  • 64=4^3=4 cubes=6:6:6:6=24

24 and 42 are very interesting numbers which relate to each other in many ways and i want to show you something interesting now:

  • 1+1+2+3+5+8+13=33
  • 1+1+2+3+5+8+4(13)=24
  • 24=12+12, 42=21+21, 21+12=33

The tree of life is made up of 11 sephirot and 22 pathways so 11+22=33 also these sephiroth and pathways form the 231 gates which links into our next part. (Also 13 spheres make up the 3D seed of life and correspond to the double seed of life torus and the seed of life is the Tetractys/Tetragrammaton/Tree of life and the double seed of life corresponds to the Kathara grid and 13 shows up in the 13:31 correspondence which corresponds to the 231 gates: Tetractys, scalar fields and 1331/Seal of Saturn, star tetrahedron, Kathara grid and 15 dimensions this also corresponds to UPA and 231 gates)


Symmetries of icositetragon

Symmetries of a regular icositetragon. Vertices are colored by their symmetry positions. Blue mirrors are drawn through vertices, and purple mirrors are drawn through edge. Gyration orders are given in the center.

In geometry, an icositetragon (or icosikaitetragon or tetracosagon) or 24-gon is a twenty-four-sided polygon. The sum of any icositetragon's interior angles is 3960 degrees.

  • icositetragon's interior angles=3960 degrees, 693(396), 693=231×3, 693=1133(11:33)
  • natural logarithm of 2=0.693(3960)


The regular icositetragon has Dih24 symmetry, order 48. There are 7 subgroup dihedral symmetries: (Dih12, Dih6, Dih3), and (Dih8, Dih4, Dih2 Dih1), and 8 cyclic group symmetries: (Z24, Z12, Z6, Z3), and (Z8, Z4, Z2, Z1).

These 16 symmetries can be seen in 22 distinct symmetries on the icositetragon. John Conway labels these by a letter and group order. The full symmetry of the regular form is r48 and no symmetry is labeled a1. The dihedral symmetries are divided depending on whether they pass through vertices (d for diagonal) or edges (p for perpendiculars), and i when reflection lines path through both edges and vertices. Cyclic symmetries in the middle column are labeled as g for their central gyration orders.


Each subgroup symmetry allows one or more degrees of freedom for irregular forms. Only the g24 subgroup has no degrees of freedom but can seen as directed edges.


24-gon with 264 rhombs

24-gon with 264 rhombs

Coxeter states that every zonogon (a 2m-gon whose opposite sides are parallel and of equal length) can be dissected into m(m-1)/2 parallelograms. In particular this is true for regular polygons with evenly many sides, in which case the parallelograms are all rhombi. For the regular icositetragon, m=12, and it can be divided into 66: 6 squares and 5 sets of 12 rhombs. This decomposition is based on a Petrie polygon projection of a 12-cube.

Skew icositetragon

3 regular skew zig-zag icositetragons

3 regular skew zig-zag icositetragons

A skew icositetragon is a skew polygon with 24 vertices and edges but not existing on the same plane. The interior of such an icositetragon is not generally defined. A skew zig-zag icositetragon has vertices alternating between two parallel planes.

A regular skew icositetragon is vertex-transitive with equal edge lengths. In 3-dimensions it will be a zig-zag skew icositetragon and can be seen in the vertices and side edges of a dodecagonal antiprism with the same D12d, [2+,24] symmetry, order 48. The dodecagrammic antiprism, s{2,24/5} and dodecagrammic crossed-antiprism, s{2,24/7} also have regular skew dodecagons.

Petrie polygons

The regular icositetragon is the Petrie polygon for many higher-dimensional polytopes, seen as orthogonal projections in Coxeter planes, including: (This links into the E8 Lie group which we will talk about in the next part)

E8 lie group/231 gates and Icositetragon

E8 24

Diagram showing the Icositetragon is an orthogonal projection of E8 on the right.

Kathara grid base 4 geometry and E8 231 gates

If you know the secret of 3, 6, 9 and 12 you will have the keys to Harmonic Universe

As shown many times before the E8 lie group is the 231 gates and the 231 gates diagram is the Crystallography diagram by Walter Russell and it is based on the number 24 as shown in the picture on the right.

Correlation Between Keylontic Science Mechanics, Tesla And Russels Work! The Walter Russell, Nikola Tesla, and Keylontic Science connection. If you know the secrets of 3,6,9 and 12 you will have the keys to Harmonic Universes. Tesla in this famous staged pic holds up 3 fingers, the other two are obscured. Hint: 3 is an even divisor of 12. The Coil behind him is using Krystal ratios. The secret has been 12... 3-6-9>>>12 ! What’s interesting each in mechanics are showing same ratios and dividing by 4 in the Universal Veca scale of 15 Dimensions.. (5 densities comprising 3 Dimensions each)

26868147 2066950936883519 6893085913493012480 n

The "Geometric Infinity Matrix Model" and the quzicrystalization of information and it's direct relation to E8 and Garrett Lisi's Element Partical Explorer from three diffrent angels. This "shell model" as Klee Irwin calls it, is 27 layers of an algorithm that I devolped that expresses the quzicrystalization of information itself. There are over 35,000 precisely stacked tetrahedron expressing this structure that mathematically projects into infinity. This dynamic animation shows the theortical quzicrystal structure that the gage symmetries of all know elementary particles takes place inside of.(View video on instagram by Luke Rangel)

Cubistic matrix, Torus, and the doubling sequence

Torus, doubling sequence, tree of life and dimensions

Side view of a 2D torus

side view of a 2D torus

The side view of a 2D torus is two circles contained within a bigger circle and we can fractal this geometry so the smaller circles also contain two smaller circles and this forms the doubling sequence if we continue this process and it also forms the ying-yang of the I ching and as we saw in Kabbalah holon this sacred geometry fractal which also, therefore, links into the kabbalistic tree of life looks similar to the vibration pattern shown in the same post meaning it encodes all the frequencies/harmonics and therefore all the dimensions also as i said there is a connection between the tree of life and this geometry which makes sense because the tree of life is the tetractys and the hexagonal yod of the tetractys encodes all the vibrational dimensions. The vibrational dimensions are the Kathara grid which forms the doubling sequence. (The torus is a double seed of life which is made up of 12 circles 13 if you include the center one and 13 is the number of spheres that make up the VE which is a 3D seed of life and it fractals to form the 64 tetrahedron grid and as we know toruses are formed out of the 64 tetrahedron fractal also each seed of life is a torus and the flower of life is made up of these toruses so we could replace each circle with this 2D torus)


24 repeating Fibonacci numbers, doubling sequence and dimensions


The Fibonacci spiral/numbers forms the doubling sequence which forms a triangle which encodes all the vibrational dimensions and this triangle can be a tetractys also the two circles can be yods in the hexagonal yod and they could be the structure of the hexagon which join 1, 2, 4, 8, 7 and 5. The 24 repeating Fibonacci numbers create Metatrons cube and numbers are fractals of consciousness. The Fibonacci numbers can be turned into this fractal and this forms a base 3 pattern but with no 0's as shown on the right. When we double the Fibonacci spiral we form a star tetrahedron which encodes all frequencies/harmonics.

Pascals triangle, Kathara grid and doubling sequence

Pascals triangle forms the doubling sequence because each row equals a power of 2 and the powers of 2 form binary as we will explain later. The Kathara grid doubles and when it does it forms a spiral which forms the doubling sequence and this corresponds to the tetractys and the dimensions.

I ching, 64 tetrahedron grid and binary

The I Ching uses a complex binary code in its formation of hexagrams. Yin is notated as a broken line while Yang is notated as an unbroken line. These lines are then used in a set of three to form eight trigraphs, which combine to create 64 hexagrams.

The 64 tetrahedron grid is constructed out of 64 tetrahedrons which are constructed out of the 64 hexagrams meaning the 64 tetrahedron grid is made out of binary. This is interesting because it seems like the universe is a simulation but it is not a simulation is just based on numbers. This corresponds the 64 tetrahedron grid to the tetractys and dimensions.

Cubistic matrix/Kathara grid, doubling sequence and trinity binary

The hexagonal yod is the fingerprint of god which is 124875 and the doubling sequence can be reduced to 124875. Base 2 is binary which is zeros and ones and is formed out of the doubling sequence 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128, 256, 512...(powers of 2) and the doubling sequence forms the Kathara grid/cubistic matrix and as we know the cubistic matrix is base 3 because it grows out of the 3×3×3 cube so base 2 is formed out of base 3 but how does base 2 come out of base 3? Well in quantum physics quantum computers run on Qbits which are binary but this binary has 3 states which are 1, 0 and the quantum state where it is 1 and 0 at the same time so this shows how the trinity is formed out of binary.

Extra information

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Kathara grid and 24

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