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Xen qabbalah Wiki
Welcome to the xen qabbalah wiki! This wiki exists to explain all of xen qabbalah so you can understand most of my website, if you want to go deeper into xen qabbalah and find out more go to my website about xen qabbalah. The information on this wiki is CC-BY-SA BY 64 TETRAHEDRON GRID E8 STRING THEORY but anyone can use it if you mention where it comes from. some information is from my website and does not belong to me.

Some information on this wiki is from Keylontic teachings(Ascension glossary) and the Keylontic Dictionary. Some other information comes from Wikipedia. (Most information on this wiki does not belong to me it is only being used for research purposes ONLY) The sources for information on this wiki are linked on pages, some old pages don't have links so contact us so we can add the sources. This information has also been edited for only certain things to be on this wiki. If there are any copyright problems contact us here.

You do not have to believe everything that is say on this wiki because I am merging Keylontic science(KS) and the flower of life which goes against the beliefs of Keylontic science, the reason why I am merging them is because KS in't telling the full truth (Debunking(some of) Keylontic science and revealing the truth). In my blogs about history, I am writing up all the information I find about human history and merging information to see what fits together and what doesn't and the names of the races come from my "dreams/imagination".

Also, more information is released all the time (and explains some of the pages in greater detail so it is easier to understand) and is in the blog posts so check out the blog posts on this wiki for a lot more information! All the new information can also be accessed here: Explaining Xen qabbalah in more detail.

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The Xen qabbalah dictionary is an online book, that I LC created, that contains the basic information from this wiki in order so it builds up the knowledge.